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If you've come looking for corporate ID design, fine art/illustration, packaging design, print media or web design that will have a little attitude without breaking the bank, you have definitely come to the right place.

Bacon Design began in 1993 designing snowboards in Denver, Colorado. Through the years, we have grown into a full service design firm, working in many diverse industries ranging from the insane to the mundane.  We are art first, computer second. Old school.

You have a project you want to send our way? We guarantee every job through the door. Bring it.

"I can sum up Bart Bacon and Bacon Design in one word: PRO.

I love Bart. I love bacon.  I love his designs. I love Bacon Design!"


Scott Miller & the Commonwealth

V-Roys • Owner, FAY Recordings

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Logos/Corporate ID



Web Design

Print Media

Corporate ID
& Logo Design

Here at Bacon Design, we have extensive experience in building logos and creating corporate ID and brand awareness. We have designed logos that are seen worldwide, have adorned sunglasses that have sold literally millions of pairs, decorated snowboards all over the world, been on television infomercials, emblazoned the front of many thousands of rock and roll t-shirts, and uniquely identified companies of every size and description.

No size of company is too small, and no scope of project is too large. We have helped start-ups and $40M corporations with branding and ID.

We will also help you apply that iconic new look to your stationery, print collateral, website, or whatever else you need developed to enhance your brand.

"In my business of helping clients launch their products on to TV and into retail, we work with a large number of outside vendors to help us out.  Bart Bacon is at the top of our list for all of our graphic design needs because does the highest quality work at a reasonable price and always meets our timing deadlines.  Our clients have consistently been happy with his work as well.  I recommend Bart to anyone looking for corporate ID work."

JON LaCLARE • CEO, Harvest Growth

Art & Illustration

Because of the focus of our education was art, and the foundation of our business at its inception was art, Bacon Design is always art first, technology second; and creating fine art pieces and illustration is - without question - our favorite part of what we do.

From huge installation paintings back in our early days to signed and numbered limited edition prints for the likes of Willie Nelson and Robert Earl Keen, Bacon Design has the talent and experience to create whatever sort of image is needed in whatever style is desired.

Bacon Design also versatile enough to work in any style of illustration needed for projects- from precise, realistic and technical illustrations to more loose and artistic approaches. We also are proficient with digital drawing tools and technology to assist us achieving your vision.

Technical illustrations, album cover art ... even portraits - Bacon Design puts the art back in graphic design.

"Floores Country Store has relied on Bacon Design to assist us with numerous design projects over the last decade. Bart Bacon’s dedication, aesthetic and ability to make each of these projects come to life beyond our own vision are the reasons we keep relying on Bacon Design and will for years to come.”


Floore’s Country Store

Packaging &

In the late 1990s, Bacon Design collaborated with the leading seller of toys, novelties and sunglasses to create hundreds of point-of-purchase displays, boxes, and packaging designs - a relationship that continues to this day with our displays visible in stores around the world. We have designed CD packaging for many artists and record labels as well, always working towards a comprehensive and unified concept that helps professionally brand the artist.

From elegantly designed display boxes to simple and self-contained boxes that fold into position on store shelves, artist album art to label designs and beverage caddies for breweries, Bacon Design has engineered and designed packaging for toys, watches, sunglasses, pet products, sports shots and much more.

Bacon Design has also developed Point of Purchase floor and counter displays made of wood, metal and glass used in the majority of convenience stores in the USA and abroad.

"I have worked with Bacon Design for more than a decade.

Their designs are always direct and right on target, and Bart Bacon has the best attitude of anybody I have ever worked with."



Jack Ingram & the Beat Up Ford Band

Multiple #1 hits, CMA Award Winner

Web Design

Bacon Design has evolved with every wave of technology, always striving to offer websites utilizing the latest tools to help our clients achieve their online vision. We are constantly focusing on continuing education to make sure we are always on the cutting edge of technology and design. From sites for banks to advertising agencies to artists and musicians, Bacon Design has created websites for every industry and business need, whether it's a brand-enhancing online brochure or a fully functional e-commerce suite, we can help you design, build and maintain your online presence.

We can enable seamless video and audio on your site, animation, and clean concise imagery that loads quickly and gets found on search engines.

With the majority of web viewing now taking place on smartphones and tablets rather than computer screens, it is imperative that sites are optimized for mobile viewing. Bacon Design only builds sites that are mobile-ready.

"I love working with Bart . I've always thought he believes in  me and my music . I get the feeling that when I have a new project that he is just as excited about it as I am. I think that quality comes across in in his work as a website builder  and graphic designer "



Texas Singer-Songwriter


Print Media &
Business Collateral

Bacon Design has the skills and experience to handle all of your print and collateral needs, from design through printing and delivery. We have extensive experience over 22 years in layout and design, and our relationships with printers insure excellent pricing and turnaround.

Folding brochures, print ads, stationery, books, pamphlets - if it's printed, we have experience with it!

Let Bacon Design develop your corporate ID, then apply that branding to your arsenal of sales materials.

Many of the samples to the right involve multiple layers of service from Bacon Design - illustration, layout and print, for example; or, ad creation, layout and print; corporate ID follwed by stationery design...furthering the fact that we at Bacon Design are a full-service design firm. We will help you from initial concepts to fully realized branding, including traditional print ads, collateral and media.

"Bacon Design is my ONE STOP SHOP for all my graphic design needs! From camp brochures to business cards to logos for jerseys, Bart Bacon of Bacon Design delivers it all creatively, cost effectively and expeditiously with GREAT integrity! Bacon Design is flat out THE BEST!!!!!!!”


Former NBA Star • ESPN Basketball Analyst

About Bacon Design

BACON DESIGN INC is owned and operated by it's founder, Bart Bacon. Bart graduated from Sam Houston State University in 1989 with a BFA in Fine Art/Graphic Design. Trained in the old school techniques of design and layout before anyone ever even imagined Photoshop or the internet, Bart's foundation is in conceptual art first, technology second, although subsequent intensive training, years of experience and ongoing continuing education have enabled Bacon Design to operate on the cutting edge of design technology as well.

In Denver, Colorado in the early 1990s, after custom painting snowboards on the side, Bart collaborated with Colorado Ski and Golf on their first OEM Snowboard - a relationship that lasted over a decade and established Bart and Bacon Design as one of the foremost designers in the snowboard industry, working over the years with Ride Snowboards, Never Summer Snowboards, Gart Sports, and a variety of snowboard companies and retailers all over the world. This era provided Bacon Design with their foundation in bold artwork, professional layouts for printed collateral and ads, and the development of eye-catching point of purchase displays.

By the late 90's, Bacon Design had spread into many other areas of industry, including the engineering and design of packaging used for toys and novelties sold all over the world. PUGS Sunglasses, for example, has sold tens of millions of pairs, and every tag, every display, every point of purchase promotional rack was created by Bacon Design and co-created with PUGS owner and CEO between 1997 - 2007, and PUGS continues to be a major partner with Bacon Design today. Work with that client has Bacon Design's work in literally nearly every convenience store in North America, including prominent artwork found today throughout the largest convenience store chain in the world.

Also in the late 90s, the addition of web design and technology became a major element of Bacon Design's workflow. From simple online brochures to complex e-commerce sites, Bacon Design has designed every kind of site for a huge variety of clientele, always utilizing the latest tools and technology to make sure the sites stay fresh and cutting edge.

In the early 2000s, Bacon Design found another niche - working with musicians. Being a music lover, Bart was a natural fit in the music business, and his friendship with country music star, Jack Ingram, began an exciting new area of design. Bacon Design has created websites, merchandise, CD packaging, posters and more for Willie Nelson, Robert Earl Keen, Jack Ingram, Todd Snider, Scott Miller, Terri Hendrix, Charlie Robison, Bobby Bare Jr., Chris Masterson, Adam Carroll, Nathan Hamilton, the McKay Brothers and more, as well as working with some of the most venerable and historic venues in the industry, such as the legendary Floores Country Store. Through the music connection, Bacon Design has also done some non-profit work for the Mack, Jack and McConaughey charity (Mack Brown, Jack Ingram and Matthew McConaughey).

From 2009 - 2020, Bacon Design relocated their headquarters to Austin to grow and expand into new markets and segments of industry while maintaining loyalty to the Colorado client base. While the move solidified Bacon Design's role in TX Music and helped us expand into many venue, restaurant and civic design opportunities, Colorado beckoned and our HQ shifted back to the Rocky Mountains in January 2021. Today, Bacon Design continues to work with many musicians, toy and novelty manufacturers, banks, private businesses, health care facilities, non-profit groups, artists and more. With one foot in Austin and one foot in Denver, we continue to grow and serve our clients in both regions as well as the rest of the USA. No company is too small, no job is too big.  Bacon Design also serves several advertising agencies, handling the execution of their art direction and taking their ideas to completion in both Colorado and Texas.

Bacon Design exists because we have filled a niche: many companies want professional, high-quality work, but can't afford a big time agency. That's where we come in. Give us a try.

Bacon Design: Cooking up Fat Designs for Lean Budgets since 1993.